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Manhattan Time Service, a watch repair service available online at, is reaching out to consumers about the revolutionary new omega co-axial escapement and its potential impact on the future of watchmaking. Popularized by the Omega 2500 in 1999, the Omega coaxial escapement improves upon the traditional lever escapement by virtually eliminating friction, which results in a higher level of accuracy and lower frequency of necessary repair.

“The Omega coaxial escapement was among the most important watchmaking developments of the 20th century. Combined with the Omega free spring-balance, the Omega co-axial system can greatly reduce the need for servicing by providing stable, accurate measurements,” said Master Watchmaker Mitchell Lodowski, the founder of Manhattan Time Service and an expert in Omega co-axial repair.

Predating the Omega coaxial escapement, the traditional lever escapement involves a necessary amount of friction (approximately 14mm for a 30mm-diameter timepiece) in order to impulse the oscillator, Lodowski notes. To this end, lubricant must be applied — and reapplied during repairs — in order for the timepiece to function properly. In between repairs, changes in the viscosity of the lubricant can deteriorate the accuracy of the device; these changes can be the result of both age and climate, and also occur when oil is used as a lubricant in place of grease.

The Omega co-axial escapement features uniquely redesigned impulses, adds Lodowski, restructured specifically to virtually eliminate sliding friction; a 30mm watch would incur mere hundredths of a millimeter of friction, making lubrication unnecessary. As a result of these modifications, the Omega coaxial escapement runs more accurately than regular automatic movement at every position.

The same design differences that minimize friction also serve to reduce the Omega co-axial system’s escaping angle, which is 30 degrees, as opposed to the 52 degrees of the lever escapement. The smaller angle supports isochronism, meaning that that oscillator will experience the same frequency regardless of its amplitude. The lever escapement requires a significant initial amplitude, a necessity the Omega coaxial escapement also eliminates to improve stability to a greater degree.

Complementing the Omega co-axial escapement, the Omega free sprung-balance, a feature in the Omega 2500 and similar models, offers stable, precise oscillations. Traditional systems necessitate frequent interaction between the balance spring and index pins, a sensitive arrangement subject to damage from shock and day-to-day wear. The free sprung-balance system regulates oscillation frequencies without this level of damage.

“The Omega coaxial escapement ensures beautiful, accurate functionality. It is the direction the watchmaking industry is moving in, making it more important than ever to find an Omega watch repair specialist familiar with the unique mechanics within,” said Thomas Lodowski, an advanced level watchmaker and one of Mitchell’s sons.

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