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You’re considered something of a rube these days if you hesitate to incorporate social media into your business strategy, or dismiss Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as time-wasters. Fact is, with their staggering traffic figures, the sites’ massive demographics are an audience that all businesses should work to engage.

While it’s something of a consensus that social media is a worthy business focus, then, do companies feel the same way about blogging? Blogging often gets the short shrift — written off as the habit of petty navel-gazers or as irrelevant to corporate growth strategies, it’s not always recognized as a valid area for businesses to place their focus.

It’s a shame, then, that blogging isn’t ubiquitous as it could be, because it can be valuable to small businesses for a number of reasons. As PR Daily wrote in a recent article, it’s a strategy that most companies should consider when searching for ways to boost their online profiles.

SEO-wise, blogging is an excellent move for companies suffering from reputation management issues. Whether a business’s name isn’t ranking well on Google, or whether there’s negative content to push down, a blog URL would not only occupy a new search result but would likely be crawled and updated frequently, as Google’s primary aim is to provide its users with fresh, relevant content.

On the personal side, blogging can also be a natural method of laying out your company’s mission statement, reaching out directly to customers about your policies, news, and promotions, and sharing fun tips and trends within your industry. It’s also a fitting landing page to direct your clientele to on social networks, and is an excellent resource for PR professionals who are eager for more information about your business.

Read PR Daily’s article in full here, and remember that there may be something to this blogging thing after all.

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